Property Management

  • Advertising and tenant selection
  • Daily rent collection and debt management
  • Regular rent reviews
  • Regular property inspections and reporting
  • Paying your outgoings on your behalf eg Watercare, Rates, Insurance
  • Accounting and reporting to you – monthly, and annually
  • Owner payments
  • Comprehensive records / copies of communication letters and payment documents
  • Inspections: Visual notes and photo / video. All records available and archived for owner

Project Management

You may decide to renovate your valuable property asset partially or substantially. Perhaps to increase future revenue yield. Talk to us about managing the project for you. To your advantage, we have a full team of trade professionals available. Highly skilled and with years of proven success. We can manage your project “on budget“ and “on time“.

Repairs & Maintenance

We entrust our team of professionals with written job orders to undertake repairs and maintenance on your behalf. Your advantage: Best solution, best price and hassle free to you.

Drug Testing Service & Management

We are one of very few Property Management companies recommending and offering a drug test service on every property at the beginning and end of tenancy to ensure the outgoing tenants are accountable and the new tenants are assured of a safe residence. This protects your investment and liability.

As a result of professionally close relationships with tenants, this extends to regular property inspection vigilance.

We are able to quickly invoke professional drug testing services to eliminate tenant property illicit substance abuse.


Property Appraisals

Take advantage of our team’s industry experience and skill.

The Rental Property market is our speciality. So maximise your asset investment. We can help..

We can provide an onsite market appraisal of tenant expectation and current market rental value.

Tenancy Tribunal Appearance and Case Preparation

We will prepare any appropriate “Applicant” or “ Respondent “ documents, discuss options with you, then prepare formal Tenancy Ledger supporting evidence.

We will present to mediation on your behalf to ensure a positive and fair outcome for all parties.

Dispute Resolution

Got a problem to resolve with a tenant ?

Do you wait too long for Mediation Hearings and Court Dates ?

We can help you with this process. We are able to complete a professionally competent legal process that will achieve a positive resolution for both parties.

Casual Letting Service

Having trouble finding a tenant, or will you be away or busy during an upcoming vacancy? Hand it to us to find you a tenant.

We will ensure expectations for both yourself as the property owner and the tenant, are fully satisfied.

Debt Recovery

We have respectfully and professionally close relationships with tenants, to keep all parties safe with rent finances. This also minimises consequential property miss-use and cost recovery.